Our kennel was established in 2016, registered in FCI as BONBOLERA.

It all started like this, we had a female labrador who was very ill and left us too early. After her soul left us in an empty space and started to think about another dog, also Labrador. Friend, big psíčkarka told me that we are the best fit papillon. I stayed a little surprised, because this race I have ever known. I started on More interested in loading and I get a lot of articles and discussions. Over buying it, I strongly considered. One fine day we brought a female named Faayen Brilliant Bohemia and we were very excited from it. After some time we dokúpili her companion named Inés Elegans God to her was not sad. I am very glad that we chose this breed because it has fulfilled more than we expected and really suits us in every aspect. Become valid members of our family. Papillon me was fascinated by his personality, appearance, playfulness, high intelligence, friendliness, but also their ancient history, were closely linked with the fate of kings, which they wore in her arms, they ate with them at the table, slept with them in bed, accompanied them at all trips, cultural events, churches and prisons, and even sometimes went with them to the scaffold.
Papillon is suitable for agility, dogdance, canistherapy and other various sports. It is really very adaptable man when lying gentleman is also Papillon, when mister sports, Papillon hesitate and sports with him. They are wonderful companions for children and old people.

The aim of our kennel is to breed individuals with the exterior appearance according to the prescribed standard and nature. Our girls are tested for PL and pap - PRA. Puppies go to their new homes wormed properly, full vacination and also with pedigrees. The new owners like to remain in contact and look forward to photos and information to their new homes. We provide a lifelong breeding service.